Using Web Technology to Increase Productivity and Efficiency

When it comes to designing software and creating integrations that help you run your business with a minimum of time stuck in the office staring at your computer, AbleSpark takes a proactive role, by satisfying your needs for:

Information Management

Information is the foundation of every business, including yours. Whether you are working with a list of clients or an entire project management system, saving and retrieving information efficiently is what can set your business apart from your competitors. Having this functional capability will help you run things with speed and accuracy. Without it, you’ll have real problems trying to sort out the mess. We’ll help you to consolidate and store all the information you need at your fingertips without having it in multiple places, multiple formats, duplicated, inaccurate, or inaccessible.

System Integration

System integration is the fancy term used to describe helping your different applications work together, collaborating and communicating to achieve the desired results. Information stored in multiple places can be confusing and hard to manage. Restructuring these fragmented operations into one, smooth-running, easily-accessible software will save you tons of time, both in terms of man-hours and frustration.

Workflow Management

Setting up an effective online workspace that can be shared with collaborators across the organization will increase efficiency, and ensure you have created a lean business that can weather the storm. Using technology to see that critical tasks are done in the workflow itself, we can examine your process, and the tasks contained in it. Once identified, we can determine what to delegate, what to automate, and may even gain clarity with eliminating unnecessary steps.

Client Communication

Communicating with clients effectively is essential, and should not be left to chance. Many organizations have failed, simply because they did not keep in good communication with their clients. This critical task becomes easier and more efficient when technology is used. Whether you need to send one, individual email, do an email blast to your whole list, or start doing some marketing through text messaging, we can help you set up an effective way to stay in front of your clients and keep them informed.

Dynamic Reporting

When a request for information comes across your desk, you need to be able to provide real-time, dynamic answers to your client or colleague within a reasonable time frame. AbleSpark can provide you with this functionality, and help you have the capability to view your information in meaningful ways. This allows you to develop strategy for your business, no matter the length of the timeline at which you’re looking. Be a hero when accurate information must be retrieved quickly.