Meet AbleSpark

AbleSpark is a creative website development firm headquartered in Davidsonville, Maryland.  Founded in September 2002, our goal is to help our clients spend less time on their website and more time on what they do best. We do this by providing hands-on, personalized services that include website consulting, support, hosting, design, and development.

AbleSpark has worked with hundreds of companies since our founding, mostly in our local Annapolis area. We can work anywhere in the world and have served customers as far away as California, England, and Canada. We routinely work with such notable organizations as the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

While AbleSpark also does software development, database design, and consulting on technology and the American with Disability Act, most of our business is website support. As such, we are uniquely positioned to help organizations who want to focus on their primary mission without sacrificing the quality of their website.

AbleSpark currently employs a number of full-time staff members as well as a number of part-time staff who join us depending on the scope of each project.  In addition to our in-house personnel, we rely on a carefully cultivated network of strategic partners in areas such as photography, social media, copywriting, and video production to help our clients succeed.